The Categories

The Beauty Awards 2018 with OK! categories are listed below. For all New Product categories, launch date must be between 1st September 2017  – 1st September 2018 to be eligible.


Best New Bath & Shower Product
Open to new bath and shower products including shower gels, bubble baths, body exfoliators, in-shower moisturisers, shower/bath oils etc.

Best New Beauty Supplement
Open to all nutritional supplements with beauty benefits, including pills, powders, drinks and sweets designed to enhance the appearance of skin, hair, nails or the body.

Best New Body Care Product
Open to new body care products including body butters, lotions, oils, milks or creams, as well as targeted body care solutions such as anti-stretchmark products, smoothing lotions etc.

Best New Health & Wellbeing Product
Open to products that contribute to overall health and wellbeing, such as nutritional supplements, pain relieving body care products, mood boosting products and aromatherapy products.

Best New Natural or Organic Product
Open to natural and certified-organic beauty and wellbeing products, including hair, skin, body and cosmetic products, with a focus on natural, naturally-derived and organic ingredients.

Best New Feet & Legs Product
Open to products specifically designed for use on the legs and feet, including foot care products, hair removal products especially suitable for use on the legs, toenail products, foot files and exfoliators, leg gels/creams and leg make-up.

Best New Oral Care Product
Open to oral care products including toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwashes, tongue cleaners, whitening products and interdental cleaning products.

Best New Hand & Nails Product
Open to products specifically designed for use on the hands and nails, including (but not limited to): hand creams, nail and/or cuticle treatments, nail accessories, nail polishes and nail wraps.

Best New Personal Care Product
Open to all personal care products and toiletries including deodorants, body sprays, hair removal products and intimate care.

Best New Suncare or Self-Tanning Product
Open to all sun protection products including sun creams, lotions, sprays, sticks, oils and mists, as well as aftersun and tan enhancing products. All self-tan products including creams, mousses, lotions, sprays, oils and drops for body and face, including instant and wash-off variants.


Best New Eye Product
Open to all eye make-up products, including eyeshadow primers, eyeshadows, mascaras, liquid and pencil eyeliners, pigments and kohl.

Best New Face Product
Open to all make-up for the face, including primers, foundations, powders, concealers, blushers, contouring products and highlighters. Also eligible are make-up tools and brushes.

Best New Female Fragrance
Open to all female self-select and fine fragrances, including EdTs, EdPs and colognes.

Best New Lip Product
Open to all lip make-up and care products, including scrubs, primers, balms, glosses, lip liners and lipsticks.


Best New Male Facial Product
Open to all facial skin care products designed specifically for men, including facial cleansers, moisturisers, serums, eye creams, oils, scrubs, masks and shaving/beard care.

Best New Male Grooming Product
Open to male grooming tools, beard products, deodorants, body sprays, fragrances, hair care and styling tools and products.

Best New Male Shaving Product
Open to male shaving tools and preparations, including electric and manual razors and trimmers, shaving gels, foams and oils, and post-shave skin care products.


Best New Hair Care Product
Open to all hair care products including shampoos, conditioners, conditioning treatments, hair masks and oils.

Best New Hair Styling Product
Open to all hair styling products including heat protection products, mousses, gels, texturising sprays, lotions, hairsprays and finishing products.

Best New Hair Treatment Product
Open to products with a specific treatment positioning within the hair care category.

Best New Hair Styling Tool
Open to all hair styling tools and electrical products, including hair brushes, heated brushes, dryers, straighteners, curling wands and irons, rollers and clips.


Best New Face Mask
Open to all facial skin care masks, including sheet masks.

Best New Facial Cleansing Product
Open to all facial cleansing products including face washes, oils, balms, gels, milks, wipes and micellar waters.

Best New Facial Moisturiser
Open to moisturising lotions, cream, serums and oils designed specifically for facial use.

Best New Facial Skin Care Product
Open to all facial skin care products including moisturisers, toners, essences, softening lotions, exfoliators and oils.

Best New Facial Skin Care Treatment Product
Open to all targeted facial skin care treatments such as eye creams, serums, intensive treatments, boosters and wrinkle-reducing treatments.

Best New Premium Skin Care Product
Open to all premium/prestige facial skin care products including moisturisers, toners, essences, softening lotions, serums, treatments, exfoliators and oils.


Beauty Innovation of the Year
Open to any beauty or personal care product that offers something different to existing products on the market, showing true innovation and exciting product development.

Best New Electrical Product
Open to all electrical beauty products (excluding hair stylers), such as electric toothbrushes, IPL devices, light-based skincare appliances, electric nail care, electric cleansing brushes, shavers, trimmers, grooming appliances, clippers etc.

Classic Product of the Year
Open to all classic products (not new) that have been on the market for a number of years and remain popular today, including all hair, skin and body care products, personal care products, cosmetics and classic fragrances.

Packaging Design of the Year
This award recognises innovation in packaging design, whether it enhances the look, function or lifespan of the product within, and is open to new and re-designed products. The entry must talk specifically about the product’s packaging.

Entries to The Beauty Awards 2018 with OK! have now closed, keep an eye out for the shortlist in our October issue

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