Jerome Russell evolves JPLEX bond treatment

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Jerome Russell JPLEX.png

Jerome Russell evolves JPLEX bond treatment

Jerome Russell’s best kept bond building secret takes centre stage as the brand launches its reimagined 4-step JPLEX treatment.

Originally intended to protect and nourish blondes during the lightening process, Jerome Russell’s JPLEX has gained a cult following from people with hair of all colours and textures.

The JPLEX treatment has now evolved from an additional step added within the bleaching process to a full four-step, salon-strength treatment accessible to everyone at a high street price.

The JPLEX Bond Primer is the first step in the 4-stage process. The pre-shampoo treatment helps strengthen damaged bonds and prepares hair for cleansing.

Next, the JPLEX Bond Building Shampoo cleanses the hair and reinforces its natural structure.

The third step is the JPLEX Bond Building Conditioner; a deep conditioning mask that smooths and seals the hair shaft, leaving hair strong, healthy and vibrant.

Finally, JPLEX Bond Maintainer is a leave-in treatment that improves hair condition from within and protects against heat damage. It should be sprayed over damp hair before styling.

Jason Collier, Celebrity Hairstylist and Jerome Russell Brand Educator, says: “It seems obvious now that a brand famous for being No.1 for Blonding would be the best at nourishing hair.

JPLEX has been my go-to for all clients that need a bond treatment. The results are unmatched, and the new design makes it so much easier to apply at home.”

The JPLEX range is available exclusively at Superdrug, RRP from £9.99.

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