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Beiersdorf creates world's first cosmetics product with recycled CO2

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Beiersdorf creates world's first cosmetics product with recycled CO2

Beiersdorf is set to launch the world’s first cosmetic product created with recycled CO2.

With the launch of NIVEA MEN Climate Care Moisturizer, the skincare manufacturer will be the first to use an ingredient obtained from recycled carbon dioxide.

This is made possible by the carbon capture and utilization (CCU) process; an ultramodern method for making use of carbon that offers a milestone for the cosmetics industry, helping to reduce the emission of harmful carbon dioxide into our atmosphere and contribute to a climate-positive future.

The CO2-recycling technology comprises multiple steps. First, the carbon dioxide is collected at locations such as industrial chimneys and diverted to a bioreactor, where it is then fermented and processed into a cosmetic ethanol.

The new NIVEA MEN Climate Care Moisturizer’s formula contains 14% of this ethanol.  It is also 100% free from microplastics, silicones, mineral oils, and PEG/PEG derivatives. The product is climate-neutralised and manufactured using electricity from 100 percent renewable sources. The formula is 99 percent biodegradable, with fully recyclable packaging.

NIVEA MEN Climate Care Moisturizer has a soothing effect on skin and adds a refreshing moisture boost. It will be launched on the German market in early June 2022, starting as a limited edition at drugstores and online retailers.

Jean-Francois Pascal, Vice President Sustainability at Beiersdorf, says: “This new men’s skin care product with the innovative CO2-recycling technology represents an important milestone for us.

The ‘Climate Care’ name hits the mark very well, as our sustainability engagement goes far beyond the scope of our skin care products and puts climate action at the center of our approach.”

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