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We Are Concentrate says no to H20

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We Are Concentrate says no to H20

We Are Concentrate has launched in the UK with sustainable and essential beauty products created using as little water and plastic as possible.

The average bottle of shampoo contains 70% water, while traditional conditioners contain around 90%. We Are Concentrate shampoo and conditioner replace the water with active ingredients to form a paste that is kinder to both hair and the planet.

The formulas have been created with different hair types, tones and textures in mind so they are not only super nourishing and hydrating for curly and dry hair, but also won’t weigh down finer hair types.

The products are 98% natural, vegan, dermatologicaly-tested ad suitable for sensitive skin. They are formulated without silicones, sulphates or preservatives, and contain aloe vera to soothe and nourish the roots and scalp; coconut to help strengthen and condition hair; papaya to promote shine and health; guava to unclog hair follicles; and nourishing shea butter to keep hair healthy. 

We Are Concentrate was created by a team of industry experts including chemists, product developers and product specialists that have helped to create products for many household haircare, skincare, and cosmetics brands.

The pioneering water-conscious company adds no water in its production process and uses an in-house manufacturing method called a ‘closed loop water system’ which is proven to be more sustainable than other manufacturing methods. 

The brand is also making a commitment to stop the equivalent of 50,000 plastic bottles from entering the ocean in 2022, in collaboration with Plastic Bank. 

We Are Concentrate shampoo and conditioner are available from 1st November 2022 at, RRP £14 each.


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