The Fragrance Shop reveals #BeYourself campaign

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The Fragrance Shop reveals #BeYourself campaign

The Fragrance Shop has announced its new year-long 360° #BeYourself campaign, the first of its kind from the fragrance retailer. The campaign showcases eight diverse role models, who will communicate their ‘scent stories’ and their experiences with fragrance to consumers in store and online, via digital screens, email, leaflet and social messaging for a omni-channel approach.

The #BeYourself campaign will also feature new scent stories every week, a ‘sniff bar’ touring the UK’s major cities and a summer event to celebrate the initiative.  

The campaign aims to help The Fragrance Shop’s customers feel confident and empowered to embrace self-love and their own personal identity. Consumers will also be encouraged to share their unique identity, self-love stories of personal growth and to explore how fragrances impact their individuality.

The initiative also includes a nationwide search for the next face of The Fragrance Shop; the winner will feature across the campaign whilst sharing their experiences with fragrance.  

Among the faces of the #BeYourself campaign is Lauren May, a curvy model and strong advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. She inspires to encourage body positivity by becoming a role model for others struggling to embrace their identity and appearance.

The campaign also features Reuben Benks, who lives with vitiligo, an autoimmune disorder which causes patches of skin to lose colour or pigmentation. Benks embraces his vitiligo and is advocate for others living with the condition.  

The Fragrance Shop CEO, Sanjay Vadera MBE, says: “Fragrance has been symbolic of our individual identities for decades. Exponentially more than a scent, its potential to create lasting feels and memories is central to the #BeYourself campaign. [The] campaign pays tribute to the individuality of our diverse customer base and is a true celebration of finding one’s identity through fragrance”.  

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