Ameliorate announces partnership with GenM


Ameliorate announces partnership with GenM

Specialist skincare brand Ameliorate has announced a partership with GenM, which aims to transform how the cosmetics and beauty industry understand the menopause, and how to greater support their customers.

Through the partnership, Ameliorate aims to further empower women and normalise conversations about the menopause and how the symptoms of the experience manifest on the skin.  

GenM is working to transform attitudes towards the menopause with its partnerships with over 70 brands including Boots, Royal Mail, Next, M&S and the Co-op. The organisation aims to educate brands on how to better cater for menopausal customers and employees, ultimately working to improve the health and wellbeing of the estimated 15.5 million menopausal women in the UK, which GenM refers to as the ‘invisible generation’.

Progress to greater inclusivity of menopausal women continues to be an issue of significant issue; GenM’s Invisibility Report highlights that 90% of menopausal women wish brands were more inclusive to the menopause, with 87% of participants stating that they feel overlooked by brands.  

In the future, GenM is launching the ‘M-tick’ which will be displayed on product packaging, effectively signposting menopausal customers to effective products as the world’s first recognisable menopause-friendly symbol.

Ameliorate’s range of skincare products is targeted to support skin through all stages of life. However, the brand has taken a greater focus on alleviating and improving the symptoms of the menopause which can cause changes to the skin. The brand's products will soon include the ‘M-tick’ logo on the packaging.  

General manager of Ameliorate, Mandy McCulloch-Robers, says: “Our collaboration means that we can empower and support those silently experiencing menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms. The findings around inclusivity within the GenM Invisibility report are concerning, and really highlights the need for brands to champion menopausal women everywhere. We are committed to our forthcoming partnership and championing GenM’s ‘M-tick’ on our products”.  

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