Spare your blushes!


Spare your blushes!

As beauty counter advisors around the globe know, the right blusher can do wonders for the complexion, illuminating the face and enhancing natural beauty.

The team of beauty experts at have come up with a useful guide to help you match your customer's skin tone to their ideal blush.

A spokesperson at said: “There are so many colours of blusher out there and they all have these fantastic names, but it’s difficult to distinguish between the shades and find the right one.

“The right blush can make a customer look a sun-kissed picture of health, transforming them from looking like they’ve had a night of no sleep, to looking like they’ve had a full nine hours kip. It really has the power to change a person's confidence and bring the best out of their face.”

Here's Hairtrade's simple guide to matching skin tones to the perfect colour blush:

Fair skin with pink undertones
It’s important that you don’t overwhelm fair complexions, so sticking to shades of baby pink and neutral petal pinks will complement the skin tone without overdoing it.

Fair skin with yellow undertones
Fair skin with warm yellow undertones suit peaches and gold colours to enhance the warm colouring.

Medium skin with yellow undertones
Sandy colours and muted peach hues will bring out the yellow undertones creating an attractive flush on medium skin tones.

Medium skin with golden undertones
Peach bronzed colours will really bring out the cheek bones and the warmth of the golden undertones. Berry and mauve tones will also perfectly complement medium skin.

Dark skin with yellow undertones
Terracottas and tangerines add a fiery pop of colour and really suit dark skin, bringing out the warmth of the yellow undertones.

Dark skin with red undertones
Brick red and raisin pigments match the red undertones of dark skin perfectly without being too overpowering.

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