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Sommer Ray launches UK's first PETA-accredited ingestibles

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Sommer Ray launches UK's first PETA-accredited ingestibles

Wellness mega-influencer Sommer Ray has launched the first PETA-accredited ‘beauty from within’ ingestible plant-based beauty brand, IMARAÏS Beauty, into the UK market.

The Canadian brand’s launch range consists of the hero product, Glow skincare gummies, and Nourish gummies for hair and scalp.

Ray is one of the world’s most influential creators, amassing over 40 million followers across Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and Twitter.

Her first beauty brand, IMARAÏS Beauty, is a line of vegan plant-based, gluten- and sugar-free skin and hair care gummies that represent the intersection of health, inclusivity, sustainability and self-love.

Attaining the PETA accreditation (and being the first ingestible beauty brand to do so) was incredibly important to Ray as a keen animal lover.

Glow by IMARAÏS Beauty utilises plant-based micronutrients with an advanced delivery system to brighten, firm and restore skin’s radiance at the cellular level, all while tasting delicious.

Powerhouse key ingredients include: marine algae, which detoxifies skin, in turn helping to aid the skin's photo-protection; olive leaf extract,which helps to prevent the ongoing loss of hydration that impairs dermal suppleness and is a key factor in targeting skin inflammation and dryness; and Activated-C, a form of fast-acting vitamin C that helps to reduce the intensity and appearance of existing discolorations, evens skin tone and improves clarity.

One tube of Glow contains a one-month supply of 60 lemon flavoured gummies. Within 30 days, the brand claims skin will appear hydrated, glowing, plump and youthful.

For best results, a second tube is recommended to achieve an improvement in skin tone, texture, and clarity.

Glow contains no gluten, caffeine, GMO, carrageenan or sugar – instead being sweetened naturally with stevia leaf extract.

Meanwhile, Glow’s sister product, Nourish, contains 60 wild berry flavoured vegan gummies to aid a visible improvement in hair and overall scalp health.

Each tube of Nourish contains a month’s worth of gummies, with the recommended dose of two per day. After two months, the brand says hair will appear thicker and stronger with less shedding, and the scalp will look and feel healthier. 

Nourish’s three key active ingredients include: organic chaga to aid hair growth; reishi mushroom to protect from environmental damage; and snow mushroom helps hair lock in moisture and maintain the integrity of hair and scalp, all sourced locally in Canada. 

Both Glow and Nourish can be consumed in conjunction with one another and is encouraged as each gummy boosts the health benefits of the other. 

The products can be added into existing hair and skincare routines or can even replace products using the same key ingredients to keep your skincare routine simple, sustainable and full of self-love. 

IMARAÏS Beauty is available exclusively at, RRP£40 each.

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