PRAI Beauty launches Neck Bar at M&S

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PRAI Beauty launches Neck Bar at M&S

PRAI Beauty has launched a world first Neck Bar at M&S Leeds White Rose.

The beauty brand has previously offered its specialised neck services on cruise ships, with this announcement marking the Neck Bars’ first expansion into retail.

PRAI Beauty boasts a clinically-proven range of targeted skincare for the neck and decolletage. As part of its neck bar services, PRAI beauty offers customers a personalised ‘Neck Check’ skin consultation using a handheld skin scanning device which measures skin ageing.

Using the brand’s Ageless Throat & Decolletage collection, PRAI Beauty will also be offering nourishing ‘neckcials’ to M&S customers. Neck yoga demonstrations with skincare tips will also be available, providing a unique in-store shopping experience.

The neck bar will be staffed by a team of ‘Neck-Xperts’, whom have been trained by PRAI Beauty’s Brand Education Consultant Katy Eccles and neck yoga specialists Luminous Yoga.  

The opening of the Neck Bar also coincides with the launch of PRAI Beauty’s Ageless Throat & Decolletage Ionic Multi Current Device, which is designed to target slackening skin on the neck and jowls. The device delivers electric muscle stimulation, which supports a muscle contraction using electric impulses, which directly stimulate your skin with small vibrations, boosting circulation. This helps the skin to look firmer and more contoured.

Annie Toker, Brand Consultant for PRAI Beauty, says: “We want to give the M&S shopper something truly unique and to keep experiences and treatments new and exciting.”

The PRAI Beauty neck bar is now open to customers at M&S Leeds White Rose.

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