Murad launches free national recycling programme


Murad launches free national recycling programme

Leading clinical skincare brand Murad has launched a free national recycling programme with TerraCycle.

Through The Murad Free Recycling Programme, the brand is now providing customers with the unique opportunity to recycle Murad product packaging while earning charitable donations for non-profits in the process.

Participation in The Murad Free Recycling Programme is simple: users can sign up on the Murad programme page at www.murad.co.uk/terracycle or the TerraCycle programme page at www.terracycle.com/en-GB/brigades/murad-uk, download a pre-paid shipping label and send their Murad empties via UPS.

Once collected, the packaging is cleaned and melted into hard plastic that can be remolded to make new recycled products.

Every shipment of packaging sent to TerraCycle also earns the collector points that can be used for charitable gifts or converted to cash and donated to a non-profit, school or charitable organisation of their choice.

The Murad Free Recycling Programme is the latest addition to the brand’s repertoire of sustainability initiatives. This includes Murad’s goal of transitioning to a 50% reduction in virgin plastic by 2025, the integration of 50% PCR components by 2030 and 100% designed to be recyclable by 2030. Achieving these goals could potentially reduce the total amount of virgin plastic going in global landfills by 750,000 pounds by 2025 and 1.25 million pounds by 2030.

Brand founder, Dr. Howard Murad, says: “Today, consumers understand more than ever the importance of sustainability. It has been my life's work, and the foundation of Murad, to help people attain healthier skin and happier lives. Through our newly founded partnership with TerraCycle, we further strengthen this pledge by providing easy steps to help our community support the health of our planet. Because wellness for the planet is just as important as wellness for the people.”

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