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L'Oréal unveils industry-first hair colour applicator

L'oreal hair.jpg

L'Oréal unveils industry-first hair colour applicator

L’Oréal hopes to change the face of the home hair colouring market with the launch of Colorsonic, an industry-first handheld colour applicator device offering a more sustainable home hair colour format and even, consistent and hassle-free results.

Colorsonic is a lightweight, handheld device that uses an innovative, mess-free process to mix hair colour and apply it evenly, delivering more consistent home hair colour results.

Developed in response to consumer needs and refined over a five-year period, Colorsonic uses a custom mixer mechanism to combine a precise amount of developer and formula to create the colourant, then dispenses the right dose to the hair via an oscillating nozzle of bristles moving in a zig zag pattern at 300 times per minute.

Coloursonic offers 40 shades of colour, and application can be finished in just 30 minutes. 

The device also has sustainability benefits thanks to reduced plastic (compared with home box hair colour options) and the inclusion of reusable – rather than single use ­– gloves.

In addition, if the colour cartridge isn’t completely used up, it can be saved for later root touch ups or grey coverage, as the unused pigments and developer are kept sealed and separate – reducing colour wastage.

L’Oréal plans to launch Colorsonic to consumers in the U.S. from early 2023. 

L’Oréal has also developed the Coloright system for salons.  This AI-connected professional hair colour system uses Virtual Try-on to project desired shades, and an algorithm that leads to an on-demand, customised hair colour creation. with more than 1,500 custom shades possibilities.

Both hair colour innovations were unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, taking place until 7th January in Las Vegas.

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