Dyson unveils Supersonic Nural™ hair dryer


Dyson unveils Supersonic Nural™ hair dryer

Dyson has announced the launch of its most intelligent hair dryer, the Supersonic Nural, which featuers new sensor technology.  

The new styling tool has a Scalp Protect mode, which utilises a network of Nural™ sensors to automatically reduce heat and airflow as it nears the head, helping to protect the scalp from damage. Invisible infrared beams measure the distance between the machine and the head to ensure heat is reduced to 55°C, the optimum temperate for scalp comfort and drying speed. The sensors also work to improve the styling experience, enhance hair shine and prevent heat damage. 

When in Scalp Protect mode, the LED light colour will automatically change between cool blue or yellow (low heat), to orange (medium heat) and red (high heat), depending on the distance to the scalp.  

New and improved attachments are also included with the Supersonic Nural to cater for all hair types and are equipped with attachment recognition to learn the user’s styling preferences. This simplifies styling routines as the hair dryer remembers the user’s last heat and airflow settings for each styling attachment and automatically applies them for the next use.  

The Supersonic Nural features a new Wave+Curl diffuser which has been designed to help define and shape waves, curls and coils. In Dome mode, the large dome shape draws airflow away from the scalp for smoother, elongated waves with rounded ends. In Diffuse mode, the prolonged insert delivers air deep into the roots for defined, voluminous curls and coils. In addition to the Wave+Curl diffuser, the hair dryer also includes the Gentle Air attachment, Styling Concentrator, Wide-Tooth Comb and the Flyaway attachment.  

The hair dryer also has motion-sensing acceleromater technology which automatically deactivates the heater and decreases airflow and noise in between styling passes.  

Shawn Lim, Head of Research at Dyson, says: “From our research into the science of hair, we know that there is a connection between the quality of hair and a healthy scalp. The scalp tissue comprises different layers, with the outermost layer serving as a barrier against external stressors. But when your scalp is damaged, moisture loss can occur, a key factor in our development of the Scalp protect mode feature. This helps to maintain scalp moisture levels and allows for gentle drying.” 

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer will be available later this year, £399.99 RRP.