BE+RADIANCE launches microbiome-friendly make-up


BE+RADIANCE launches microbiome-friendly make-up

BE+RADIANCE has launched in the UK with a make-up range designed to support the skin’s microbiome.

Formulated with active probiotics and superfood ingredients, the cosmetics sooth skin and let it breathe while reinforcing the skin’s protective barrier.

Positioning itself as the first microbiome-friendly make-up on the market, BE+RADIANCE is suitable for all skin types and colours, is free from silicone, mineral oils, fragrance and alcohol, and contains 85-100% ingredients of natural origin.

The BE+RADIANCE range includes SET+GLOW Powder+Highlighter in 17 shades, and COLOR+GLOW Blush+Highlighter, available in 6 colourways.

These powders contain living prebiotics that are encapsulated using a new, innovative technology. The prebiotics activate on contact with the skin to help create a naturally protective bacteria ecosystem, which helps purify and rebalance the skin and defend it against external aggressors like pollution and stress.

Meanwhile, BE+RADIANCE Matifying Foundation is formulated with cucumber water instead of silicone, so it keeps the skin balanced while adding radiance without clogging up pores. Cucumber water is known its hydrating, soothing and antioxidant properties, and is paired with moisturising glycerine in this fresh, featherlight formula.

The foundation comes in 17 shades to suit every skin tone.

The range also includes Velvet Touch Primer, designed to immediately blur imperfections, reduce the visibility of pores and keep make-up in place for longer.

The silicone-free formula contains antioxidant pomegranate extract, nourishing shea butter and illumination blackcurrant berry extract.

Multi-Purpose Face Oil Probiotics + Omega 3 completes the range. This multi-tasking oil can be used as nourishing serum in the morning or evening; as a make-up remover on wet skin for microbiome-friendly cleansing; or added to foundation to achieve a healthy glow 

The BE+RADIANCE range is available at uk.beradiancebeauty.com, RRP from £22.

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