World’s first whole cycle care brand launches

FEWE, the world’s first female-led, fully inclusive menstrual cycle care brand, has launched its debut range and online education hub.

FEWE provides an inclusive, community-driven platform, focused on blending scientific education and expert advice for the whole menstrual cycle.

The brand helps bring to life the structure of cycle phasing and how to harness the hormonal changes throughout a monthly menstrual cycle, and not just during the week of menstruation.

The editorial-come-educational hub has launched alongside a product portfolio, with each product designed to match a week of the menstrual cycle.

The brand launched with a report highlighting the lack of understanding and knowledge of the menstrual cycle, which forms the foundation of its education programme, led by experts Dr Zoe Williams, Nicki Willians and Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe.

The report shows that only 86% of people surveyed could only name half of the hormones active within the monthly cycle. Meanwhile, 69% of the survey either viewed a menstrual cycle as only being 1 week long only, or had no idea how long it was.

The FEWE products support the five main areas of the monthly cycle; pain, sleep, skin care, mood and vaginal care. 86% of  those surveyed were affected by one or more of these areas in their cycle.

The products are infused with CBD, adaptogens and active ingredients specially selected to answer a cycle-based need; for example, Get Up & Glow is a brightening CBD and vitamin C face serum designed to help boost the natural glow and radiance appearance of skin in week 2 of the cycle as users prepare to release and egg.

Other products in the range are: Thirst Trap - Hydrating and Soothing CBD Face Serum; Seeking Clarity - Purifying and Plumping CBD Face serum; Spot The Difference - Anti-Blemish Serum; Calm Balm - Soothing and Comforting CBD Melt; Eau So Happy - Refreshing and Relaxing CBD Cologne; I Touch Myself - Rebalancing and Soothing CBD Vulva Serum; Take A Deep Breath - Mood lifting Adaptogen Oral Spray; Don’t Cramp My Style - Anti Inflammatory Oral Spray; and Dream A Little Dream - Adaptogen infused Oral spray. 

Fran Pearce, Brand Director, FEWE says: “Imagine if we understood our bodies better, understood our menstrual cycle, our hormones and how these affect us every month, what a powerful position this would put us in. We’ve built a product portfolio developed to work inline with the phases of your cycle, pinpointing areas of focus and carefully creating products using CBD, adaptogens and active ingredients.’’

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