Top US skincare brand launches in UK

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Top US skincare brand launches in UK

The successful US skincare brand, HydroPeptide, has launched in the UK.

Founded in 2004, HydroPeptide harnesses the 'epigenetic power' of active ingredients as a method of controlling the way cells behave, utilising anti-ageing properties of bespoke ingredient formulations to target specific skin profiles such as sensitivity, rosacea and dehydration. 

At the London launch, Dr Neil Kitchen said that epigenetics would revolutionise the world of skincare. He believes that how each cell behaves in the body is guided not only by genes, but also by environmental factors such as diet, stress, etc. He says that Hydropeptide formulations have the power to change the way cells behave, effectively changing skin health at a cellular level. 

The range of products includes daily care product which can be used at home to target eight specific skin concerns: fine lines and wrinkles, sensitivity and redness; uneven skin texture; under ye; loss of firmness; sun damage and discolouration; dryness and hydration; and acne and excess oil. 

Top sellers in the range include Hydropeptide Eye Authority (15ml, £62), Hydropeptide Power Life (30ml, £79) and Hydropeptide Solar Defence Tinted (50ml, £38). 

All products in the range are gluten-, paraben-, sulphite-, phthalates- and cruelty-free.

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