Plastic-free eco deo

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Plastic-free eco deo

Innovative deo brand Ben & Anna has developed an eco-friendly range of solid deodorants in plastic-free packaging.

The certified organic, natural and vegan deodorants come in a unique cardboard tube packaging. The inside of the tube is coated with a natural wax, which helps to protect the cardboard from the deodorant itself and prevent the tube from becoming damaged.

Once the deodorant is finished, the tube can be put into the paper recycling bin.

There are seven different blends available - Persian Lime, Vanilla Orchid, Indian Mandarine, Provence, Pink Grapefruit, Nordic Timber and a new unscented blend, Pure.

All contain natural baking soda, nourishing shea butter and arrowroot to keep sweat at bay and skin happy.

Each 60g tube retails at £9.95.

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