Palmera's African restoration.jpg

Palmer's unveils African reforestation project

Palmera's African restoration.jpg

Palmer's unveils African reforestation project

Palmer’s has partnered with Tree Nation to plant its own Palmer’s Forest in Cameroon in a bid to help fight the ongoing climate crisis.

Palmer’s has pledged to give back to the environment through the creation of this bespoke forest, which will contain 24,000 trees.

Consumers will also have the chance to contribute to the creation of the forest, with shoppers who purchase qualifying Palmer’s products between 29th June-9th September 2022 having two trees planted on their behalf.

As a brand who relies on nature to produce its hero ingredients, Palmer’s has chosen to plant a range of different trees, including the Moringa Oleifer Tree – also known as the miracle tree – whose fruits are used in medicinal and cosmetic preparations.

The Palmer’s Forest’s density will equate to 24 hectares; the size of around 33 football fields. The lifespan of the trees planted will be up to 150 years and will contribute to helping fight the ongoing climate crisis by purifying the air, sustaining wildlife, and lowering the air temperature.

The forest will offset 12,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This is equal to taking 200,000 cars off the road for a whole year, or the equivalent of 100,000 short haul flights.

In addition to the environmental impact, the Forest will also address soil erosion, assist with food insecurity and the unsustainable farming practices of smaller cocoa farmers. Through the intercropping of multipurpose trees and fruit trees, this project is helping 500 cocoa farmers grow higher quality cocoa beans while improving their land and livelihood.

Zahira Beddou, Marketing Director at Palmer’s UK, says: “We are thrilled to finally launch this exciting project. Our beautiful planet provides us with amazing natural ingredients, it is our duty as a company to protect it. We can’t wait to make a positive impact in an area that provides us with our raw, natural, and sustainable materials. The development of the Palmer’s Forest will enable us to give back to the land whilst making a difference to the local community.”

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