No7 Beauty Company’s Creator Collective returns


No7 Beauty Company’s Creator Collective returns

The No7 Beauty Company has announced that its ‘Creator Collective’ will return for a second year. The influencer skincare education initiative was created in partnership with the British Beauty Council and aims to educate up-and-coming social creators on skincare.

The programme offers ‘Science of Skincare’ education modules specifically designed to tackle misinformation about skincare that is spread on social media, which often ignores scientific facts.

The Creator Collective will return with a new cohort of beauty influencers who will be given the tools needed to boost their skincare knowledge through exclusive access to educational content from leading beauty experts.

The programme will be delivered through online learning and includes access to mentoring from leading skincare experts.

The influencers will learn about the science of skin and ingredient information, which will help them to communicate beauty information that is factually correct and debunk widely circulated skincare myths on social media.

 The No7 Beauty Company Creator is welcoming seven new UK-based creators, who have been recruited into a long-term partnership with the No7 Beauty Company. The beauty influencers will also have the opportunity to shape the No7 Beauty Company brand identity by having the chance to act as consultants on brand and product strategy at iconic brands including No7, Liz Earle Beauty Co. and Soap and Glory.

David Macdonald, Vice President of Communications at No7 Beauty Company says: “As a responsible beauty company, we feel we have a duty to help tackle misleading content on social media, helping consumers to access high quality, factually correct content about beauty and skincare.”


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