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No7 and AllBright launch 'Changing the face of menopause at work' campaign

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No7 and AllBright launch 'Changing the face of menopause at work' campaign

No7, the UK’s number one skincare brand, has launched the ‘Changing the Face of Menopause at Work’ initiative, in partnership with AllBright, a leading career network for women.

The initiative aims to give perimenopausal and menopausal individuals practical support and expert advice to tackle some of the challenges that menopause can present in the workplace. 

Together with AllBright, No7 has created a five part video series and other free-to-access expert resources, available to watch at and 

Featuring experts across a wide variety of industries, the video series provides practical, educational, and inspiring content covering topics including:

  • Menopause matters: An overview of what menopause is and why it is essential we all know about it.
  • Managing menopause: How managers can support their team members when they are experiencing menopausal symptoms or going through the menopause?
  • Survive and thrive at work with menopause: Your rights when it comes to menopause and work. What adjustments could help you survive and thrive at work.
  • Confident menopause conversations: How to have conversations at work regarding adjustments and adaptations.
  • Menopause Allyship: How we can all be better allies in the workplace when it comes to menopause.

This is in addition to a series of ‘Her Story’ micro podcasts featuring stories from a diverse group of women sharing their menopause stories and advice in the workplace.

The No7 ‘Changing the Face of Menopause at Work’ initiative was created in recognition of the need to support people during this life-stage so they can continue to thrive in their careers.

Research by The Fawcett Society shows that one in ten women aged between 45 and 55 have left employment because of their menopause symptoms, with many more having considered leaving their jobs. 14% of menopausal women say they have reduced their hours and 8% had not applied for a promotion.

A different research report by the Women and Equalities Committee found that 67% of women reported a loss of confidence linked to menopausal symptoms and 70% reported increased stress. Women also cited stigma, a lack of support and discrimination as key contributing factors in forcing menopausal women out of the workplace.

As a brand that supports women to help them feel their best, No7 wanted to take action to help people navigate the menopause transition within the workplace and help to dismantle the stigma that can exist in some workplaces.

The brand recently launched No7 Menopause Skincare following five years of scientific research with the University of Manchester and in collaboration with more than 7,000 menopausal women. It has chosen to proudly put ‘Menopause’ on its packaging, so people can clearly see and understand the benefits the range delivers. 

No7 has also collaborated with the innovative cognitive hypnotherapy app, Clementine, to create six free to access mind-skin rituals for those going through menopause, to help them feel more in control of their day and their skin. These new digital rituals work in tandem with the new No7 menopause range and were designed to help menopausal individuals feel more comfortable in their skin and more positive about themselves.

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