Live life, but live it better


Live life, but live it better

Living a hectic lifestyle and burning the candle at both ends can take its toll on our beauty and wellbeing. But a new British company believes it may have come up with a solution, and it’s calling it “the antidote to modern living”.

Equi London has created what it describes as “a new generation of multivitamins to counteract stress, sleep deprivation and fatigue”. According to company co-founder Rosie Speight (pictured above, right): “We’re about carrying on living the life you live, but helping you live it better.”

Specialist solution

Rosie set up Equi London with her best friend Alice Mackintosh (above left) after her demanding 70-hour-a-week city job contributed to the severe acne she developed in 2013. Desperate to find a solution, Rosie turned to Alice, who is a Harley Street nutritionist, for help.

Alice cured Rosie’s acne by prescribing a range of specialist supplements. “It cleared up miraculously,” says Rosie. “There was a very very noticeable effect on my skin and I had so much more energy too.”

However, the supplements came in the form of numerous capsules and powders, none of which are for sale on the high street. So the friends realised there was a gap in the market for a readily available, off-the-shelf product that would deliver the same – if not better – results, and Equi London was born.

Fundamental and Beautiful

The brand’s first two products – Fundamental and Beautiful – follow Alice and Rosie’s approach to nutritional support, which they call “The Equi Eight”. This sees the body as eight inter-connected systems: brain, immunity, energy, detox, stress, structure, digestion and hormones. The idea is that by nourishing and realigning each system, the Equi supplements balance the body, promote optimal function and restore harmony.

“Our body functions work at different levels of efficiency and that manifests in different people in different ways,” says Alice. “These supplements go in and sort everything out. They working on a deeper level to put everything inside the body back into balance.”

At her clinic, Alice specialises in skin, but she sees a lot of people suffering from what she calls “the side-effects of modern living”, such as fatigue and digestive problems. “The skin is a real barometer of what’s going on inside,” she says. “People with skin problems also often have IBS. These are not life-threatening problems, but they are signs that the body isn’t working properly.”

Scientifically formulated

It took Alice and Rosie months to formulate the two Equi products, which are manufactured in the UK. “Every ingredient is in there for a reason, and all the vitamins and minerals are in the right form,” explains Alice. “For instance, we use zinc picolinate rather than zinc citrate, and Beautiful delivers actual marine collagen.”

Beautiful also contains a patented complex called Glowcutis, which is designed to support every aspect of a skin cell’s life.

Equi London products come in powder form, with Beautiful retailing at £62 and Fundamental at £55. Alice explains: “Powders are better absorbed by the body and you can get a lot more into a powder. Each scoop contains the same as about 15 to 20 capsules would.”

To find out more, visit the Equi website.

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