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Lily Collins named new face of Living Proof

Living proof Lily Collins.jpg

Lily Collins named new face of Living Proof

Biotech haircare pioneer Living Proof has partnered with renowned actress Lily Collins as its new ambassador.

The Golden Globe nominated actress, author, philanthropist and producer will front the brand’s new multifaceted campaign dubbed ‘We Have Haircare Down to a Science,’ sparking a new narrative around how true innovation fuels healthy, remarkable results.

In addition to organic campaign efforts on owned and partner channels, content and media will run across YouTube, Google, TVC (Hulu), podcast, out-of-home advertising on billboards in New York City and Los Angeles as well as paid social across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and The New York Times.

The campaign will also launch with a hero brand video, which follows Lily throughout her morning routine, spotlighting how optimal hair health acts as a vehicle for overall confidence and joy, culminating with Lily being spotlighted as ‘The Living Proof.’

Zach Rieken, CEO of Living Proof, says: “Living Proof has always been synonymous with science-backed solutions and giving our customers the tools to show off their best, natural hair. We don’t formulate products that conceal your hair problems, we engineer high performance solutions that treat your hair concern. That's why we are called Living Proof - you are the result. And we felt that Lily was the perfect person to show off what healthy, remarkable results look like. Lily became a modern muse for healthy, gorgeous hair. And considering the many different characters she plays and all of her different press looks and photoshoots, her hair routine has been powered by Living Proof so it's no coincidence that it looks as amazing as it does.”

Lily Collins adds: ““When you treat your hair well, you’re treating yourself well. Living Proof’s philosophy is rooted in cutting edge science. Their products aren’t about masking your hair problems, they formulate them so your hair can be its best, most natural self. As someone who is always striving to keep my hair healthy, I was so drawn to this philosophy and the products that delivered the best hair I've ever had in my life. And you can see it, in its growth, shine, how it withstands all of the damage I put it through.”

The brand campaign will officially launch in May, shot by Nicolas Kantor.

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