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Codex Labs delivers problem skin solution

Codex sumary pic.png

Codex Labs delivers problem skin solution

Codex Labs, the Silicon Valley’s revolutionary skincare company, has launched Shaant; a collection of four breakthrough products formulated for oily, acne-prone skin.

Shaant, meaning ‘peace’ and ‘calm’ in Hindi, blends the best of Ayurvedic knowledge with plant stem cell biotechnology.

The products were formulated in partnership with Dr. Raja Sivamani, an integrative dermatologist and certified Ayurvedic practitioner who takes a holistic approach to skin issues by merging modern science and western medicine with nutrition, mental health, and lifestyle considerations.

The new collection harnesses the power of bio-actives from plants in India long valued by Ayurvedic healers for their calming, soothing and balancing properties.

The products are powered by the patent pending ShaantComplex; a proprietary blend of land and marine plants that is clinically shown to help control oiliness, shed dead skin, reduce pore diameter, and soothe redness.

The ShaantComplex is supplemented by other Ayurvedic plant or fruit extracts known for their analgesic, anti-inflammatory and oil controlling properties.

Shaant Balancing Foaming Cleanser helps control oiliness by deep cleansing skin without stripping moisture, while minimising the size of pores and reducing the appearance of erythema (superficial reddening of the skin).

Meanwhile, Shaant Refining Toner exfoliates, hydrates and calms skin while reducing erythema, and helps unclog dirt and oils from the pores.

Shaant Balancing Clay Mask improves the overall appearance of skin by controlling oiliness, exfoliating dead cells, and reducing the appearance of redness. Starches from rice and corn help absorb sebum while antioxidant-rich Ayurvedic turmeric improves uneven skin tone and helps brighten the complexion.

Finally, Shaant Balancing Oil Control Cream helps mattify oiliness, smooth skin texture and reduce redness while calming skin and protecting against environmental stressors.

All of the products in the Codex range contain sustainably sourced ingredients housed in plant-based polyethylene tubes or 50% PCR PET bottles, which reduce each product’s carbon footprint.

RRP from £26, visit for more information.

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