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Cellular Goods signs Helena Christensen for skincare expansion

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Cellular Goods signs Helena Christensen for skincare expansion

Cellular Goods is launching three new products into its Look Better skincare range with a campaign fronted by supermodel Helena Christensen.

The UK-based wellness company’s Look Better range is formulated with lab-produced cannabinoids. The The three new products – the Rejuvenating Night Cream, SPF 25 Rejuvenating Day Cream and the Rejuvenating Day Mousse – use the company’s proprietary blend of CBD and novel cannabigerol (CBG), which has impressive antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, leading to powerful anti-ageing effects without the harmful side effects of industry standard ingredients such as retinoids and vitamin C.

The new products will allow the Company to widen its reach and meet demand for products that effectively address the visible signs of ageing without the irritative side effects associated with other, industry-standard ingredients such as retinoids.

Cellular Goods has signed international supermodel Helena Christensen as the face of the Company’s Rejuvenating Skincare Campaign, which includes digital, social, PR and press materials that will feature, among other media, in British Vogue.

Helena Christensen is a Danish supermodel who has previously modelled for Victoria’s Secret and Armani, and was named as one of the New York Times’ ‘Magnificent Seven’, describing the world’s most sought-after supermodels.

Anna Chokina, chief executive, says: “We are so pleased to be partnering with the iconic Helena Christensen to launch the innovative new products in our Rejuvenating Skincare Range. Our brand-new campaign with Helena, someone who shares our passion for high-performance science-backed skincare, is an incredible opportunity for Cellular to harness her massive online and social media presence to boost public awareness and credibility of the amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of CBG and CBD.”

Helena Christensen adds: “Cellular Goods is creating high-performance breakthrough skincare. The Rejuvenating Skincare Range fights skin inflammation and works to prevent skin ageing by harnessing innovative CBG and CBD-powered formulas. I’m thrilled that by teaming up with Cellular Goods, I can spread the word of CBD and CBG’s anti-inflammatory, superior skincare qualities, which make them some of the most exciting skincare ingredients I’ve seen across my entire career. While the results are impressive, I’ve found that CBG and CBD are gentle enough to use every day, delivering their benefits without being harsh on skin like so many other ingredients.”

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