Alexa, what’s the best way to achieve fantastic eyebrows?

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Alexa, what’s the best way to achieve fantastic eyebrows?

High-tech beauty brand, WUNDER2 cosmetics has cemented its position and relationship with Amazon, one of the world’s largest retailers, by being the first beauty brand to unveil an Amazon Alexa skill.

December 2017 has seen WUNDER2 release its makeup hacks and product recommendations, entitled ‘Beauty Tips’ which are now available on the voice platform.

Updated daily, users can ask Alexa for the ‘Tip of the Day’, alternatively asking a more detailed question, such as how to create the ultimate party look or how to achieve naturally bushy brows. WUNDER2 will then supply product recommendations which can also be shopped directly via voice.

“The sale of our beauty products remains our focus,” comments Michael Malinsky, founder KF Beauty.  “But the methods, continue to shift along with the technology and digital trends. Our team of digital experts enable us to take WUNDER2 to new heights - through the analysis of data and experimentation.”

In the weeks to come, WUNDER2 will be adding videos to the skill enabling users to follow the steps by streaming through their phone, computer or TV. The WUNDER2 team will then be able to track sales that come through Alexa, as well as seeing whether a user has watched the corresponding video. 

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