Absolute Collagen partners with Emma Willis

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Absolute Collagen partners with Emma Willis

Absolute Collagen has launched the ‘Strong in Your Own Skin’ campaign in collaboration with TV presenter and broadcaster, Emma Willis. The campaign aims to help women feel empowered in their own skin and believe in their ‘Absolute Possibility’.

As part of the campaign, Absolute Collagen issued research to understand what makes the average woman feel strong – uncovering that its personal victories, both big and small, that give UK women their biggest confidence boost. The survey revealed that 63% women over the age of 35 do feel confident in their own skin, but a lack of confidence stops with nearly half (48%) from feeling strong, while 38% are inhibited by a lack of self-worth.

 To feel more self-confident, over half of women admit they turn to spending time with their families. 52% said quality family time gives them strength every day, while 38% said that seeing their children succeed is what makes them feel the strongest. Similarly, 38% also said childbirth made them feel like their most empowered selves, while 18% mentioned feeling strong when receiving compliments from their children.

In her role as Brand Absoluter, Willis shares previously unseen images of key moments in her life as well as reminiscing on how these events continue to boost her confidence and make her feel empowered. These moments include her pregnancy, wedding, and her role as presenter of popular TV series Big Brother. Willis also highlights the importance of incorporating her exercise and beauty regimes to make her feel more confident in her own skin and allow her to feel empowered.

The campaign features video clips where Willis also discusses the importance of promoting self-confidence in her children, so they fulfil their full potential. According to a study by Absolute Collagen, 57% of women aged over 35 years believe that the key lesson they would like to pass on to their children is to believe in themselves and build strength from within.

Emma Willis, brand ambassador for Absolute Collagen, says: “I most definitely had a lack of confidence as a child. I was really, really shy...I think because of that, and because I sometimes have a lack of self-confidence as a grown up as well, I really try to instill in kids to lean into their fears and to embrace life as much as they can and to believe they can achieve whatever they want to achieve”.

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