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Black Pound Day launches first permanent store in Westfield London

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Black Pound Day launches first permanent store in Westfield London

Black Pound Day, the leading movement for black-owned businesses in the UK, is set to open its first permanent store at Westfield London on 25th June.

The store will allow more than 80 black-owned businesses to sell a range of quality products, including hair care and beauty lines.

The shop will offer a department store-like experience for consumers to support established, as well as up-and-coming, black-owned businesses, including recent Dragon Den’s winner March Muses.

Founded by award-winning UK music artist and So Solid Crew member Swiss, black Pound Day aims to encourage people to shop from and spend money with local and online UK black-owned businesses. 

The Black Pound Day platform is an online market place and directory that encourages consumers to replace their usual purchases with services and products from black-owned businesses on the first Saturday of every month.

It launched during the Black Lives Matter movement, with a mission to address the economic inequalities and imbalances affecting black businesses and entrepreneurs in the country, such as the shocking discovery that for every pound a white household makes, Black Caribbeans earn 20p while Black Africans earn just 10p. 

The opening of Black Pound Day’s permanent store follows a successful pop-up store in Westfield London in 2021.

Black Pound Day founder Swiss says: “We are so excited to be in a position to create this opportunity to bring the best of our homegrown black brands to the general high street consumer, ensuring sustainability and consistency all year round. Glancing back to when we launched our pop up store in 2021’s Black History Month, it was a momentous achievement. For those that participated, you could feel the energy shift, how we brought black retail therapy to the high street, resulting in a mass feeling of reward, which was unprecedented. We really showed how impactful our spending power is, which totally exceeded our expectations. Customers left us with no choice but to go ahead and answer your calls to make the Black Pound Day Store a full time retail experience all year round."

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