Miiskin app wins Skin Health Alliance endorsement

Miiskin, the skin checking app, has become the first app to receive independent dermatological accreditation from the Skin Health Alliance.

The Skin Health Alliance awards professional dermatological accreditation to products and services around the world.  .

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK, and rates continue to rise. The Miiskin app helps users to track skin and moles for changes over time by using photos to create a snapshot of the skin’s appearance.  

Matthew Patey, managing director of the Skin Health Alliance, said: “After our dermatologist’s review of the Miiskin app we are delighted to be able to approve such an app for the very first time. 

"Regular self examination of your skin and moles as championed by Miiskin can have a beneficial effect in the early detection of changes, and it is recommended by leading experts.  Miiskin correctly advocate checking any worrying changes with a qualified dermatologist and do not attempt to diagnose skin cancer through the app.  This can be the only sensible approach at the present time. ”

Prof Chris Bunker, former president of the British Association of Dermatologists and Consultant Dermatologist at University College London Hospital who conducted the assessment of Miiskin, added: “It’s important to stay vigilant in paying attention to changes in moles and marks on your skin.

"People should regularly examine their skin to track any changes, use photos to keep records of the skin’s appearance and show these photos to their doctor if worrying changes are seen.  Miiskin offers a sensible solution to facilitate this approach.”

The Miiskin app does not try to diagnose skin cancer or tell users that they are at risk or not. People who spot changes should seek advice from their GP or dermatologist.

Jon Friis, CEO and Founder of Miiskin said “Miiskin is delighted to receive the accreditation of the Skin Health Alliance.  Their credibility with consumers and network of dermatologists coupled with our approach to education and changing people’s behaviour will prove to be a potent partnership in our fight against skin cancer.”


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