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Find your magic with Lynx

We spoke to Lynx UK Brand Manager Dilraj Athwal to find out how the brand is encouraging men to celebrate their individuality

Lynx, the UK’s market leading male grooming brand1, made waves in the men’s market last year with the launch of its premium cross-category collections: Signature, Urban and Adrenaline.

Comprising of anti-perspirants, daily fragrances, bodywashes and hair styling products, the collections provide men with a wide range of grooming products to suit their ever-evolving needs with great fragrances, effective product technology and long-lasting benefits.

As Lynx moves into the second phase of the campaign for these ranges, Beauty Magazine caught up with Dilraj Athwal, Lynx UK Brand Manager at Unilever UK, to find out more.

What can we expect from phase two of Signature, Urban and Adrenaline?

Dilraj Athwal: We will be focusing on educating consumers on the fact that while these products work great on their own, when the two formats are used together, they make a powerful combination. This provides retailers with the opportunity to take advantage of incremental sales. We have replicated the three premium fragrances in an anti-perspirant format to offer long-lasting protection and fragrance, keeping men dry, sweat-free and smelling great.

Where did inspiration for the Signature, Urban and Adrenaline fragrances come from and what makes them unique?

DA: We enlisted the help of iconic fragrance expert Ann Gottlieb to create truly unique offerings as we strive to continually innovate our ranges to appeal to the modern man. The work that goes into our fragrances has also helped us move into a more premium space. We understand that individuality is important for this audience and promote this through our ranges – Lynx Signature, Urban and Adrenaline, as well as Lynx YOU – which offer something for every modern man, whether they are after a sporty, edgy or more discerning range.

Can you tell us about the benefits of the anti-perspirants?

DA: Our anti-perspirant range offers 48-hour sweat protection along with additional benefits specifically designed to tackle different consumer needs. Signature contains anti-white and yellow marks protection, the Urban variant includes antibacterial properties for odour protection, while the Adrenaline formulation includes micro-active technology, which releases bursts of fragrance every time you move.

Who is the target Lynx consumer and how do the premium collections appeal to him?

DA: Our target audience is men aged 18-34, but as a brand, we recognise that guys want different things now than they did 10 years ago. We are committed to evolving with our target audience and, over the last few years, the Lynx brand has started to do just that. Brands need to update the way they talk and appeal to these modern men; their interests are now much more multifaceted, and there is more than one way to engage with them. As we’ve seen from our Find Your Magic brand message, which celebrates individuality and attraction, they also want to engage with more meaningful messages.

Can you tell us more about the Find Your Magic campaign?

DA: We launched Find Your Magic last year as our brand message. Designed to appeal to all men and be consistent with their diverse personalities and grooming habits, it encouraged them to embrace their individuality. This initiative was reinforced with the launch of Lynx YOU and its #yougotsomething campaign, which demonstrated to men that everyone has something to offer, and continues with our new #isitokforguys campaign. The Google search-driven activity reveals how guys hide behind their screens to ask the questions they can’t face asking out loud. The campaign stars brand ambassador and boxing world champion Anthony Joshua, and is designed to encourage guys to get rid of the cultural pressures and stereotypes of what it means to ‘be a man’. As a brand that’s been part of British men’s daily grooming routines since 1985, Lynx has a powerful voice and wants to use it to make a positive contribution to their lives.

What marketing activity will there be to support the next phase?

DA: We will be heavily communicating the ranges with a £3.8m marketing media spend with strong in-store presence, as well as having Anthony Joshua promote the products and dual usage of the anti-perspirants and fragrances.


LYNX SIGNATURE boasts notes of wood and dark vanilla:
Lynx Signature Daily Fragrance (RRP £6.59) Lynx Signature Anti Marks Protection Anti-Perspirant (RRP £3.65)
LYNX URBAN includes notes of tobacco and amber: Lynx Urban Daily Fragrance (RRP £6.59) Lynx Urban Advanced Protection Anti-Perspirant (RRP £3.65)
LYNX ADRENALINE features notes of iced musk and ginger: Lynx Adrenaline Daily Fragrance (RRP £6.59) Lynx Adrenaline Charge Up Protection Anti-Perspirant (RRP £3.65)


1. Nielsen Mat Sales w/e 25.02.17 (excluding razors and shaving brands)




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