Top 10 tips to prolong a tan


Top 10 tips to prolong a tan

Yes, the first blast of autumn may have arrived but with the sun-kissed look being such a feel-good factor has put together some top tips on prolonging the life of that golden brown glow...

A spokesperson for said: “As if a post-holiday mood wasn’t bad enough, the last thing you want is a rapidly fading tan.

“When the tan lasts longer, so does that holiday feeling, making you look and feel radiant. These top tips will guarantee long-lasting golden skin for months after your holiday.”

Take a cold shower
Long hot showers or baths can dehydrate the skin, causing it to dry out and peel quicker. Sticking to cool showers will ensure your tan stays fresh for longer.

Avoid waxing
Waxing strips away the top layer of skin, taking any tan with it. Many waxes and hair removal creams also contain glycolic and salicylic acid that will strip away your tan in an instant.

Keeping skin moisturised is key for prolonging a post-holiday glow as it will stop the skin from drying out and entering the pesky peeling stage.

Enhance it with gradual tan
Applying a gradual tan after showering will not only moisturise the skin but also enhance the skin’s golden glow. This is something you can do all year round so you never have to lose the glowy holiday skin. 

Stay hydrated
Hopefully the hot summer weather should make this tip easier, as staying well hydrated is something people often forget to do. Hydration is key to maintaining a tan as it helps prolong the life of cells and keep skin looking plump and smooth.

Using a matte bronzer will enhance your natural tan without looking too intense. It is quick and easy to incorporate into your make up routine and should last all day long.

Go easy on the exfoliator
Exfoliating scrubs away dead skin cells and enables skin to look bright and healthy. Although it may cause tanned skin to be scrubbed away too, it is still important to do it weekly. During the period of post-holiday tanuse a lighter exfoliator to enhance complexion without stripping away too much tan.

Boost your melanin
Melanin is the pigment in skin and without it your tan will quickly fade. Investing in body lotions that contain melanin it a definite way to maintain a golden-brown tan. 

Eat beta-carotenes
Beta-carotenes are a type of red-orange pigment found in several foods, such as, carrots, oranges, and mangoes. Consuming this pigment can help to recreate the glow of tanned skin from within.

Book another holiday!
If all else fails, booking another holiday is a tried and tested way to ensure that summer glow lasts forever! :) 

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