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No-one wants to wear a full face of make-up while posing around the pool or relaxing beach-side, so beauty experts at have compiled a list of their six top tips for achieving the perfect minimal holiday make-up look. Great advice for all your customers!

Replace foundation with a BB Cream
Foundation can feel heavy on the face and be prone to blocking pores, especially in hot weather. Investing in a waterproof BB Cream with SPF protection will give customers a good amount of coverage whilst feeling lightweight and giving sun protection.

Double up a lipstick as blusher
Doubling up products is a good way to maximise suitcase space when travelling. Taking a versatile coloured lipstick that can also be applied to cheeks as a blush is an easy and efficient way to get a quick healthy glow.

Double up clear mascara as brow gel
Applying a clear mascara to lashes when on holiday is an easy way to add subtle length and volume. It can also be used to tame stray brow hairs, setting them in place to achieve a cleaner, more put-together look.

Be shimmer efficient
Shimmer is essential when on holiday to give the face a healthy glow. To be shimmer efficient, customers should take either a highlighter or a shimmery eyeshadow to use on eyes and cheeks. Not having to pack two items, saves valuable suitcase space!

Use a bronzer as an eyeshadow
Bronzer is perfect for accentuating that holiday tan, but when paired with a shimmer it can also be applied to the outer third of the eyelid to create a beautiful shimmery bronze eyeshadow look.

Ban the brushes
Certain products, mainly cream-based ones, do not require brushes for application. Products such as BB cream and a lipstick used as blusher can be applied and blended using your fingers. This not only saves suitcase space , but also means customers don’t have to spend time scrubbing their make-up brushes clean.


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