Brows take centre stage

Eyebrows are the new beauty buzz, but unless you are blessed with naturally perfect, model-esque bushy brows then you might be interested in RapidBrow. The new product from the creators of RapidLash, it designed to improve the appearance of eyebrows in as little as 60 days, giving fuller, thicker looking and less sparse brows.

It's no wonder that eyebrows are this year’s new trend - they act to frame the face and can completely transform a person’s face. Sparse, overplucked or untamed brows can harden the face and hide the eyes, but this new product claims it can help to restore eyebrows to their healthy and full look.

The product’s clinically proven formula has an exclusive Hexatein 2 Complex, a unique blend of fortifying proteins and stimulating peptides, as well as ingredients such as keratin to help rebuild, restore and rejuvenate the appearance of brow hairs and sweet almond extract that helps to add shine, sheen and softness to brows. Using RapidBrow could result in up to 108 per cent improvement in the appearance of eyebrow density in 60 days.

If the results are anything like RapidLash then we predict big sucess!

Available now from Boots and